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Using our instructional guides, please fill out your measurements profile.
If in doubt, please contact Customer Care: 9833002000
1. Shoulder To Apex
2. Shoulder To Un-Bust
3. Shoulder To Waist
4. Shoulder
5. Cross Front
6. Cross Back
7. Above Bust
8. Bust
9. Under Bust
10. waist
11. Stomach
12. Hip
13. Blouse Length
14. Kurta Length
15. Front Neck Depth
16. Back Neck Depth
17. Armhole
18. Bicep
19. Sleeve Length
20. Wrist Round
21. Length Waist
22. Lenga length
23. Waist To Knee
24. Waist To Calf
25. Chudidar Length
26. Crotch
27. Thigh
28. Knee
29. Calf
30. Ankle Round


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